Malkins in New Zealand

Edwin Malkin

Edwin Malkin, born 22nd Jan 1886 in Worksop, the largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire, England, on the River Ryton at the northern edge of Sherwood Forest. His father John, was born in 1845 at Oldcoates, a village in Nottinghamshire.

Florence Beezer

Florence Esther (Florrie) Beezer was born in Greenwich, London on the 3rd of December 1891. Her father Alfred Edward, was born in 1863 in Kent, South East England. She married Edwin Malkin on the 2nd of July 1913.

My paternal grandparents, Edwin & Florence Malkin (nee Beezer), along with their four daughters Floll, Wynne, Betty and Peg, left Brighton at 9:00 pm 2nd April 1925 for Southampton. There they boarded the RMS Corinthic for the journey to a new life in New Zealand, the ship departing on the 3rd April 1925. They left knowing they would not see many of their family again, heading to what was still a somewhat unknown land and opportunity.

The Corinthic sailed not into Napier as was the families original arrival port, but into Wellington arriving on the 14th of May 1925 at 6:30 am.

So begins the story of Malkins’ in New Zealand. Or that is what the descendants have thought. It seems the name Malkin is known within New Zealand prior to Edwin & Florence Malkin arriving in Wellington. Something else I will be looking into as I research the family tree further.

We will take a journey back from the arrival, to hear the story of both Edwin and Florence, and of both families history in England. It is my distinct wish to be able to provide both the New Zealand Malkin descendants and relatives in both the UK and the rest of the world as complete a story and heritage as possible.

I have been able to trace my Mums (Elizabeth Falloon) paternal family with the amazing help of the FB group based in NZ Genealogy – New Zealand Super Sleuths who dove deeply into the genealogy records to help find more information about Albert Ronald Falloon, my grandfather, his parents and their families.

Toby was born in Wellington New Zealand on the 4th of June 1909 to John Henry Falloon, born about 1864 in Greymouth, West Coast, New Zealand and Eva May Beer, born about 1883 in Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand. I thank the folk there most sincerely for their help and tenacity and have been sorting through everything as best I can.

Her Mum, Beatrice May (May) Ledger was born in Swalwell, Durham, England on the 11th July 1906 and travelled to New Zealand Circa 1927 where she met and married Albert Ronald (Toby) Falloon in 1931.

Who am 'I'

‘I’ am Richard A Malkin, the grandson of Edwin & Florence Malkin and Albert Ronald (Toby) & Beatrice May Falloon. My father, John Malkin, started researching both his family and my Mums’. Initially I took some slight interest in what he found and helped with a project involving family from England. It was not in me to go much further. I regret that now as so much time has passed along with family who could have and would of helped figure out where I came from.
RMS Corinthic tied up alongside at Wellington - Circa 1925
Edwin & Florence Malkin with youngest son Johns' Family - Circa 1965
Toby & May Falloon at daughter Bette Malkins home - Christmas 1980